I am Gio, born in Italy, lively person, always full of ideas and energy. Although I grew up with my sister and my parents, I always wanted to experience and achieve more. I was drawn into the world!

My journey started in 2003 as a dancer, presenter, actress and model. From my small home village in the middle of Italy I went to Rome, further to Turkey and in 2004 I met my husband Faruk and since then I have been living in Germany.

As a dancer, model and actress, I have successfully worked all over the world, I have experienced, seen a lot and lived my dream.

I have always lived according to my motto “Trust yourself, live happy!”.

But the way to success was not always that easy, but simple.

A constant frustration determined by countless closed doors, unsuccessful auditions, constant disappointments of missed opportunities.

I almost gave up when it became clear that the path was not easy, but my determination to have the result was the only and most important goal in my life. I said myself: „I can do it! By following THE path with constant and sustained power, sometimes having hard times, but i will realize my dream“.

So I started creating a kind of detailed “battle plan”, starting from where I was right now, till the point where I wanted to get there.

And that’s what I called Primo Passo Performance. With this concept I want to inspire and motivate other “Prima Women” like me to set goals, achieve them and master a successful life with amazing results.

Primo Passo Performance is based on three fundamental principles, which are the keys to success, I call them the 3 P’s.

Thanks to these keys, I promise, that you will reach a higher level, gain self-confidence and achieve success and charisma at work and with your family. And why I am so sure that the three keys will help you, give impulses, help you to move to a new level and archive results ?

Because, thanks to these keys, I have not only realized one of my dreams, but also all the others that came after: I opened a coach agency in 2010, which has had great success in helping newcomer artists to become professional and authentic. I expanded the company including creative marketing: creating and performing stage shows, fashion shows and commercial photo shoots and storytelling videos for companies like Bauerfeind, Porsche, Ferrari, Energetix. But it’s not just the professional goals that I’ve achieved thanks to the three successful PPPs, but also the personal ones. After wishing motherhood for years, i finally realized my dream and became the mother of my beautiful little daughter in 2015. Then later on, thanks to the three P’s, I was able to regain my harmonious and energetic body and mental form within just three months, with my 90 day program based on the three P’s and win a lot of confidence again.

It is not important how big your goal is, but most important is how big is this goal for you to be realized, how strong is the mental power that join you during the journey and how you plan the time to get there. You decide which steps you must take to get the goal you dream of.

Who are these great women? Working creative women, entrepreneurs, mums who are about to face with them privat inside and  want to reach their higher level, want to gain a lot of strength, courage and self-confidence.

Why creatives?

To be creative means to use your own ideas and create original things. If you find your own way of doing things, there is no right and wrong. There is only you and your way of being.

And I look back on many experiences that I would like to share with you. Nice that you are accompanying me!

Your Prima Woman Gio 🙂

As a Through this concept I want today inspire and motivate other „Prima „Women like me, to find their goals, reach them and achieve successful living.

Primo Passo performance  is based on three fundamental principles, which are the keys that led to my success, i call them the 3 P.

Thanks to those Keys  i promise, you will reach higher level, win self-confidence and archive success and charisma at work and with your family.

And why i am sure that these 3 keys will be helpful for you as well and will give you impulses and help you to move you on into a new level?

Because thanks to this keys i did not realize just one of my dreams, what i believed was the only goal of my life, but also all the others who came after this: I opened a coach agency in 2010 obtaining great successes helping new comer artist to become professional and authentic, I enlarged the company implementing creative marketing: producing stage shows, fashion and commercial fotoshooting, and Companies videos storytelling.

 But it is not only about working goals that I have achieved thanks to the three successful ppp, but also personal ones. After becoming a mother of a beautiful little girl, on 2015, and completely abandoning the stage as a dancer in 2017,  I lost my body shape. Thanks to the 3 p I regained a harmonious and energetic form in just three months with my 90 day program always based on the 3 keys (3 P).

It is not important how big is the goal you want to archive, most important is how you set the time and the plan to realize it. The steps you decide to take to arrive to your dreamed Performance.

If you are that Prima woman, join me and i will show you all the steps I have taken to create my success in life, business and health.

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